[IPython-dev] Cell Magic names

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 06:38:29 EDT 2012

I'm not sold on %%shebang from a UI perspective. It reminds me of an
april fools joke in which Python & Perl combined forces to name
variables like DOLLAR_UNDERSCORE. Spelling out the name of punctuation
feels odd, and we shouldn't assume everyone knows what a shebang is.

%%#! is quite neat, but I think people will expect it to work exactly
like real shebangs - which, crucially, don't require a space. So I
think people would try to do:


So I'd prefer a more explicit name, less tied to Unix history. I
suggest something based on words like "run with" or "exec in", or
something like %%script.


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