[IPython-dev] Data viz in the notebook with JS

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 17:09:35 EDT 2012

Hi folks

Here's a quick preview of what we can start having now:


courtesy of Cameron Bates:


I suggest simply to grab the single flot.py file and put it in your
working dir for testing.

We still have a ways to go with this kind of setup, because the user
experience upon saving is a bit awkward: these javascript objects are
only rendered when their code executes, so the saved page shows empty
placeholders.  We'll have to think more about all this, but it's great
to have a concrete point to start from.

Now that all the JavaScript refactoring has been merged, writing
dynamic code with JS in the notebook will be much cleaner.

If anyone is looking for toys of this nature to play with, here's a
great summary page of viz JS libraries that could all be very
elegantly plugged into the notebook:


Let us know what you come up with!



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