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Zoltán Vörös zvoros at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 09:00:01 EDT 2012

Greetings Thomas, and Jason,

Thanks for the encouragement! I have replied to Ludwig Schwardt, the 
developer of the mpl5canvas backend. I had a couple of comments in my 
email. I think the first thing that should be established is whether the 
functionality that you want could be implemented in static code, and if 
so, we should implement it in static code, or do it via the 
kernel/server. In the latter case, one would only have to re-write parts 
of Ludwig's backend, and pass the plot request to the ipython kernel.

As for the place of the backend, I have read somewhere that matplotlib 
wants to do away with the plethora of backends, so I didn't even 
consider raising the issue there. Moreover, if we embark on implementing 
the backend "in-house", it could be implemented in a way that most suits 


> >/  Now, my question really is whether there would be interest in a
> />/  javascript backend.
> /
> I think there would be quite a lot of interest in that - I'd certainly
> like to have interactive plots from matplotlib in the notebook. I'm
> not sure whether it makes more sense for it to be shipped in IPython
> or in matplotlib, but I'm sure it will find a home somewhere.
> Thanks,
> Thomas

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