[IPython-dev] notebook plots via javascript

Zoltán Vörös zvoros at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 10:17:57 EDT 2012

Hi Ludwig,
> I agree that the static case is very useful, especially if it makes 
> the notebook completely reproducible. In this case it improves on a 
> static PNG or SVG by adding proper zooming via matplotlib
Well, there is a long discussion, involving you, too, on the matplotlib 
development list:


It is not clear to me at the moment whether interactive SVG would be 
better. There are some strong arguments in favour of SVG. But perhaps, 
some of the core developers of ipython could shed some light on what 
would be best in this case.
> Just to highlight our use case: we use the mplh5canvas backend as part 
> of a telescope control system based on IPython, where it displays 
> interactive animated plots while commands are issued on the command line.
In this case, I think the use of a server is completely justifiable. 
After all, you are controlling something real-time, so I understand that 
passing the plots though a websocket is really not an overkill.


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