[IPython-dev] notebook plots via javascript

Zoltán Vörös zvoros at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 13:12:14 EDT 2012

Hi Bob,

On 06/04/2012 06:40 PM, Bob McElrath wrote:
> I've played a bit with making matplotlib generate SVG through the IPython
> notebook, but the rendering quality is below that of PNG's.  That can probably
> be fixed, or maybe it's a renderer problem.  (lines seem to be improperly
> anti-aliased in Chrome/Firefox/Inkscape) Anyway I just ran into this jQuery
> library for SVG which could be very useful for IPython interactive plots:
>      http://keith-wood.name/svg.html
> I'd be a big fan of SVG+JS plots.
I saw this a couple of weeks ago, and it is really cool. The only 
objection I would have is that one would still have to write a quite 
complicated wrapper around it, if one wants to retain compatibility with 
matplotlib. The greatest appeal of a matplotlib backend is that all 
older python scripts would run as usual.


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