[IPython-dev] A 'static demo' mode for the notebook, so we could keep a more visible version of the examples up?

Damián Avila damianavila at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 21:59:26 EDT 2012

El 09/06/12 22:56, Jason Grout escribió:
> On 6/9/12 8:19 PM, Fernando Perez wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I was just thinking: would it make sense to have something like a
>> `--no-kernels` flag to the notebook that would behave like a 'hard
>> read-only' mode, where the server would simply never instantiate any
>> kernel whatsoever (neither for a notebook nor exposing the cluster
>> tab)?
>> I'm thinking that such a flag would be very useful in order to run a
>> very safe notebook server to simply present the nicely rendered
>> version of all the files in it.  I'm specifically thinking this would
>> let us have a persistent address to show our example notebooks, for
>> which we currently resort to just pointing people to the repo:
>> https://github.com/ipython/ipython/tree/master/docs/examples/notebooks
>> This isn't a very useful way of showing that content to interested
>> users, but if we could run a persistent server without any risk that
>> would solve this problem easily for now.   Eventually we'll fold
>> high-quality notebook conversion into our built docs, etc, but this
>> seemed like a useful solution anyways...
>> Thoughts?
> +1.  Very much so.  Our rough equivalent, the published worksheets on
> sagenb.org, are a wealth of expertise and knowledge, and it's often fun
> to just see what new things I can learn by browsing interesting looking
> ones.
> Jason
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I believed this would be a great solution until we get a more robust 
conversion tool for IPython Notebooks.

Currently, I am working in a html static view for the notebooks but more 
work have to be done to get it like I/we want.
The app I am developing (IPViewer) is featured with html views and html 
presentation slides for the IPython notebooks (you can see the 
screenshots attached for the html static view and the html5slides).
I hope to get it done soon (I am integrating video recording now...), 
but much work has to be done yet to get the "perfect" html stactic view, 
so I will work more on this to contribute a little bit to the project.



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