[IPython-dev] Let's get 0.13 released...

Julian Taylor jtaylor.debian at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 11 18:02:55 EDT 2012

>     > Does the notebook still need development snapshots of jquery & co or
>     > will it work with official releases (debian has 1.7.2, -ui 1.8.20)?
>     Honestly I'm not sure, others (Brian, Min, Matthias) might know better
>     the answer to that...
> jquery is fine (we are shipping 1.7.1, so 1.7.2 should be no problem),
> but I think we do need dev jquery-ui.  

what features of the dev version are required?
wasn't there supposed to be some file that should give that information?
IPython/frontend/html/notebook/static/unminified/README does not mention
a dev release.
the commit log gives no clue and the obfuscated file itself just
contains @VERSION, not very helpful.

> pagedown now includes a tiny patch:

pagedown is not obfuscated so its is fine.
I only have issues with the binary blobs you have in your source.

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