[IPython-dev] All tests pass on windows!

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson at kroywen.se
Tue Jun 12 14:54:17 EDT 2012

Fernando Perez skrev 2012-06-12 20:29:
> And as a general note (I'd said this to Thomas somewhere on github
> already): it's *totally OK* to remove doctests if we replace what they
> test with 'normal tests'.  We used a lot more docetsts early on, when
> we were trying to bootstrap IPython's testing support from nearly
> zero.  The internals of IPython were so messy and hard to cleanly test
> in isolation that the easiest way to get started was to hack a doctest
> plugin that would recognize copy-pasted IPython sessions from the
> terminal and could reproduce them whole.  But now that we're well past
> that point, moving forward it's far cleaner to user regular
> programmatic tests, and leave interactive sessions to be only used for
> their educational value as examples (it's OK if they are also a simple
> and easy doctest, but the main point should be that they serve as
> useful documentation, not as tests).

In this case this case is already tested in a regular test. The doctest
is just an example in the docstring of _get_long_path_name.


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