[IPython-dev] A 'static demo' mode for the notebook, so we could keep a more visible version of the examples up?

Brian Granger ellisonbg at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 19:55:15 EDT 2012

Some (late) comments:

* I agree that the read-only mode covers this usage case.
* Read-only is currently broken (by myself) and that breakage was deliberate.
* We are working on a proper replacement that will serve static HTML
pages for each notebook.



On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 11:48 PM, Bob McElrath <bob+ipython at mcelrath.org> wrote:
> +1!!!
> Satrajit Ghosh [satra at mit.edu] wrote:
>> it would be cool if this could be done with a client side javascript viewer? so
>> no server to instantiate at all.
> Is anyone familiar with TiddlyWiki (tiddlywiki.org)?  It's a single-html file
> application for personal note-taking.  People have written server-side
> implementations (including me) but the single-file html paradigm is very
> powerful.  It's easily thrown on the web, and easily passed around.  I've been
> using it as a "scientific notebook" for years (I wrote a tex plugin for it).
> Anyway, I think the single-html-file could be a very powerful paradigm for an
> IPython notebook.  All necessary javascript, json worksheet, css, etc can be
> embedded in the file.  The "worksheet" part (json) could be programatically
> extracted to upgrade.  (TiddlyWiki does all that)  Plugins could interface
> python, sage, maple, mathematica, or start remote server (ec2) instances.
> Some years ago I built an interface in TiddlyWiki that communicated with the
> computer algebra software Axiom, it was extremely similar to the IPython
> notebook (though, less developed).
> Currently I'm already interfacing TW and IPython, in that I've embedded the
> dashboard in a tiddler (iframe).  ("tiddler" = single, titled note in the wiki)
> I can't embed worksheets currently because IPython does not produce stable URL's
> -- the URL hash changes when the server is restarted.  For me, it's important to
> link an idea/note in my wiki with a corresponding calculation in a worksheet.
> Notes are always idea->discussion->literature search->calculation->graph->more
> discussion->(repeat).
> I think the concept of a "unit" of code as a tiddler may also be a very powerful
> paradigm.  It aligns with the "light table" idea that has gotten a lot of press
> recently.  Something I've been thinking about a lot...
> Any takers?  It would be fairly straightforward to write a TiddlyWiki plugin
> containing the existing IPython notebook javascript and CSS.  It would have to
> be served from the IPython HTTP server, due to cross-origin restrictions.
> I do have some concerns about how to make a consistent "state" of the kernel
> when the code can be spread around in multiple "tiddler", that's a challenge
> shared with the light table idea.  But one worksheet per tiddler is an easy way
> to start.
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