[IPython-dev] Let's get 0.13 released...

Julian Taylor jtaylor.debian at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 15 17:06:45 EDT 2012

> We are in a horrible position right now.  We can't live without the
> menubar implementation, but this means we are tracking a very-dev
> branch.  We could update the the latest of that, but that is risky.  I
> would probably prefer to just keep the version we are using as we know
> it works.  Once 1.9 is released, I think the plan is the merge the
> menubar branch back in.  Then we will be in the clear.  1.9 was
> supposed to come out "within a few months" of last summer.  In the
> meantime, we can all flog me for not tracking which commit of that
> branch we are actually using...

sorting this out should be a critical blocker for 0.13.
It can't be packaged in debian, ubuntu, fedora and likely most other
distributions following free software guidelines in the current state.
A binary blob and no mean to determine where to get the correct
un-obfuscated source from is a no-go.

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