[IPython-dev] kernel restart

Bob McElrath bob+ipython at mcelrath.org
Thu Jun 21 01:11:42 EDT 2012

MinRK [benjaminrk at gmail.com] wrote:
> All code in cells runs on the kernel, and the kernel cannot restart itself.
> Restart involves killing the kernel, and logically enough, a kernel cannot
> start up again *after* it has killed itself.
> If you want to clean the namespace and not halt the whole process, this is what
> %reset is for.

This is insufficient as a programmatic restart.  Imported packages are not
cleanly re-imported.  See the caveats surrounding reload() for instance.

%reset seems to be a bit worse though, as far as I can tell it does NOT reload()
modules (does not recompile them).  What would be required to make %reset see
source changes on imported modules?

So maybe it wasn't a stupid question, as this functionality doesn't exist...

Cheers, Bob McElrath

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