[IPython-dev] And we cross the issue #2000 line today!

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 18:56:00 EDT 2012

Hi folks,

Thomas opened issue 1000 on 11/15/2011, which was roughly 1 1/2 years
after we started using the github tracker (I think I did the launchpad
conversion around May 2010).  Since the issue list was seeded from
launchpad with the first 114 tickets, that means it took us ~18 months
to file ~900 issues, or a rate of ~50 issues per month.

Today we have #2000:


so the second bacth of 1000 issues has taken ~7 months, or ~140 issues
per month, which is close to a 3x rate increase.  Thanks everyone for
the hard work!  This issue was opened by @kramer314, who's a new face
on our repo, and hopefully a new long-term contributor :)

And thinking of these kinds of numbers brings an idea to mind: a fun
project for anyone with a bit of time to kill would be a
'github-stats' tool that you could point to a project with optionally
a date range, and would create a bunch of summary visualizations for
the history of a repo, rate of issues and PRs opened and closed, pull
request size stats as well as numbers of commits, etc.  Github offers
a handful of graphs automatically, but a bunch more would be fun to
have.  Make it a nice notebook with the figures in matplotlib and send
it our way so we can include it with as an example :)



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