[IPython-dev] SVG figures status report

Zoltán Vörös zvoros at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 13:44:24 EDT 2012

Hi Jason,

On 06/26/2012 06:10 PM, Jason Grout wrote:
> On 6/26/12 11:08 AM, Brian Granger wrote:
>> I pretty much agree with this.  If we want the interactive plotting to
>> be integrated with matplotlib, we will have to have someone on the mpl
>> team basically leading the effort.  We would have to work closely with
>> them to make sure it all works together.
> If someone spearheaded this, we in the Sage project would also be
> interested in being involved in defining the API, etc.
> Jason
In that case, should we try to move this whole discussion to the 
mpl-devel list? Or do you think that the ideas here and at sage still 
need some ironing-out?

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