[IPython-dev] SVG figures status report

Jason Grout jason-sage at creativetrax.com
Tue Jun 26 16:47:24 EDT 2012

On 6/26/12 12:44 PM, Zoltán Vörös wrote:
> In that case, should we try to move this whole discussion to the
> mpl-devel list? Or do you think that the ideas here and at sage still
> need some ironing-out?

I think ironing the ideas out certainly needs to be done.  I don't have 
an extremely clear idea of exactly what I want, for example, and others 
have noted that we need to take a step back and see exactly what we 
want.  For example, I agree that some sort of tracing/coordinate display 
(no communication back to the server) would already be a huge help for Sage.

I think it should move to mpl-developers anyway, as Brian alluded when 
he said someone in mpl would have to spearhead it.  Brian, Fernando, or 
Min, do you by chance happen to subscribe to mpl-dev?


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