[IPython-dev] Notebook filename badness

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 03:24:30 EDT 2012

Le 27 juin 2012 à 02:36, Thomas Kluyver a écrit :

> "http://localhost:8888/my_notebook.ipynb"? Even if that simply
> redirects to a UUID-based URL, it would mean there's a predictable way
> to get to them.

I think this is a good trade-off if there is a redirection, that then rewrite to UUID.
People won't be able to bookmark or copy/paste without writing it by themselves 

Le 27 juin 2012 à 02:17, Brian Granger a écrit :

> I propose a simple fix to all of this:
> * We create a new notebook manager that stores notebooks in a hidden
> .ipynb directory.  I guess we could also use a visible subdir as well.
> * In that directory, we use the notebook_id as the filename:
> [notebook_id].ipynb
I get the same idea when thinking about a git backend. i'mm name it with a ending D for directory
My concern was, with a git backend, do we want to keep a per directory or per file history.
if it's per file, we might want to consider cwd/.ipynbd/nb-uuid as a directory that can also contains a .git folder.

> * Each time the notebook server restarts, it reads the notebook_ids
> and notebook names.  This will ensure that the notebook_ids are always
> the same.

If you do it only at restart you might start to have complex logic to deal with rename/new notebook/ copy/paste ro-server running in the same directory.
Especially if we start having the server that can change cwd.

I would have gone for checking the content of the .ipynbd folder when there is a request on a specific file...

I'm not quite sure of how you'll resolve people that copy notebook with the file system, as they will get the same UUID in them, but I might have missed a detail.

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