[IPython-dev] notebook examples for presentation

Chris Kees cekees at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 13:01:30 EDT 2012


I'm looking for some presentable ipython notebooks that I can put on
my ipython sandbox to show off some of the following capabilities:

-Analysis  on data sets from  multiple (large) external databases
-Pulling in google earth imagery and doing something real with it like
overlaying additional information
-Machine learning applied to large databases
-Symbolic math supporting some kind of analysis

Apologies in advance for blatant crowd sourcing. I've got the opportunity to
present python and IPython as a core technology that my lab will
consider as a part of a larger computational modeling strategy. I have
my own examples of some of parallel models running in the notebooks
but am weak on the items above, which I think will continue to grow in
relevance to the kind of engineering analysis and R&D that is part of
my lab's core business.


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