[IPython-dev] metadata attribute for streams

Jason Grout jason-sage at creativetrax.com
Thu Jun 28 16:54:28 EDT 2012

On 6/28/12 2:12 PM, Jason Grout wrote:
> We'd like to attach some
> metadata to stdout and stderr messages, for example, indicating where
> the frontend should put the output.  It would be really convenient if
> sys.stdout and sys.stderr (which I think is
> IPython.zmq.iostream.OutStream, right?) had a 'metadata' attribute that
> could be set and would be added to each outgoing message.  This would
> also change the messaging spec to add a 'metadata' attribute to the
> content dict for stream messages (just like display_data messages
> already have).
> We'd use it something like this (not tested...):

I went ahead and submitted a small 6-line pull request for you to test 
out.  https://github.com/ipython/ipython/pull/2051

Of course, docs, tests, and possibly other places in the code need to be 
updated.  I want to make sure you guys are okay with the idea first, though.


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