[IPython-dev] Some Nbviewer stats

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 03:39:43 EST 2012

Hi all,

3 weeks ago (22 oct)  I tried to enable statistics on nbviewer, sadly with our plan we are limited on the amount of data than can be stored,
So I had to shut the recording of the statistics down yesterday (8 nov)  after more than 10 000 pages rendered.
Still I have a top 20 of the most viewed notebooks during the last 2 weeks.

Number of view , url (prepend nbiewer.ipython.org/)

(714) urls/raw.github.com/changhiskhan/talks/master/pydata2012/pandas_timeseries.ipynb
(617) urls/raw.github.com/jseabold/538model/master/silver_model.ipynb
(585) 3835181
(571) url/jakevdp.github.com/downloads/notebooks/XKCD_plots.ipynb
(444) 3962843
(379) urls/raw.github.com/ipython/ipython/master/docs/examples/notebooks/00_notebook_tour.ipynb
(366) 3914904
(317) urls/raw.github.com/gist/3974344/edebf73792346f771459f26c6088347dd711c212/ml_with_sklearn_notebook.ipynb
(208) 2352771
(179) url/mentat.za.net/numpy/pydata/pydata2012_nyc_numpy.ipynb
(164) url/lyorn.idyll.org/~t/transfer/armo-diginorm-reports.ipynb
(156) urls/raw.github.com/beacon-center/intro-computational-science/master/hw-week8-which-k.ipynb
(144) urls/github.com/weecology/progbio/raw/master/ipynbs/numpy.ipynb
(143) urls/raw.github.com/fperez/blog/master/120907-Blogging with the IPython Notebook.ipynb
(114) url/mentat.za.net/numpy/pydata/broadcast_scalar.svg
(109) 3804365
(99) 3914895
(94) url/raw.github.com/weecology/progbio/master/ipynbs/testing_in_ipynb.ipynb
(90) urls/raw.github.com/ipython/ipython/3607712653c66d63e0d7f13f073bde8c0f209ba8/docs/examples/notebooks/cython_extension.ipynb
(84) urls/github.com/weecology/progbio/raw/master/ipynbs/matplotlib.ipynb

If someone is interested I might have a Postgres backup with 2 table :

1 ) notebook_id | url
2 ) notebook_id | acces timestamp

If anyone want to make nice graphs over time, I 'll be happy to send him/her the raw data.
It would be interesting for example to see how silver_model had a huge increase of view after it's post on twitter, or how XKCD_plots started to increase steadily after being on the first page of nbviewer. 

Hopefully we will find a way to reenable the statistics in a different way. 


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