[IPython-dev] Just looking for feedback before PR

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 09:27:46 EST 2012

Hi all

A couple of months ago, I posted an idea on this list and got some
feedback from Thomas and Matthias. The idea is to apply default CSS to
Markdown cells.

Thomas suggested that the feature should be easy to disable, but on by
default. I was also advised to expect a few iterations on the actual
styles themselves. The PR wasn't made as I wanted to test the styles
on a few real notebooks, to ensure the changes worked in practice.
I've since had a chance to do that.

I'm attaching my version of the Brief Tour notebook, with the styles
applied, in the hope that I could get some feedback on both the styles
and the new version of the notebook. I would have used nbviewer, but
it currently ignores the styles tag that I've stashed inside the
topmost Markdown cell.

There's no urgency here at all ~ there's still plenty to iron out on
both fronts anyway ~ but I'd really appreciate any input.

Thanks for your time


# Notes
* The <hr> style rule is a hack and will be looked into some more
* The Tour could really do with an example of a HTML widget
   communicating with the kernel, in a section called Widgets
* The English hasn't been spell checked or proof read
* The Acknowledgements could probably do with some editing. I
   didn't know much about the history of some of the libraries, and
   didn't know where to draw the line with what names to mention
* The notebook is meant for people with no knowledge of IPython
   so it isn't going to teach a core dev much
* The notebook is meant as a fun demo, so no real instructions on
   Notebook use are included
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