[IPython-dev] Just looking for feedback before PR

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 14:58:52 EST 2012

> let's call it is .profile_xxx/static/css/custom.css
> let's do the same with js.
> let's all go to scipy2012 and ask min to do it in 10min...
> Tada ! (the template being the default css files)
> BTW you can over rite any ipyton css/js files by creating a file with the same name in
> .profile_xxx/static/

Looks like you're one step ahead, or you've got Min one step ahead at least :)

>> This sounds like a good idea, but I've not actually used less to know
>> how well it works. I'll look it up tonight.
> less is basically css with variable and nested rules.
> speaking of nested rules.
> in cell.js and similar when selecting js does :
>    this.element.addClass('ui-widget-content ui-corner-all');
> (and unselecting removes it of course)
> With less you can change that to :
> ->    this.element.addClass('cell-selected');
>  and create a less rule :
> import jquerytheme.css
> .codecell-selected {
>         .ui-widget-content;
>         .ui-corner-all;
> }
> It would further decouple Js and styling.
> --
> Matthias

Cheers for the pointers Matthias.

So, what I'm taking away from all this is that I should still work on
my CSS stuff, making it more consistent with the Notebook, but with a
view to having it as a stylesheet for others to add to their profiles,
not as a default. This way users can style their Markdown the same way
they'd style anything else.

Any feedback on the version of the Brief Tour would be appreciated. If
people like the changes I've made, we can tidy it up and add it to the
main examples directory.

Thanks again


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