[IPython-dev] Just looking for feedback before PR

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 18:16:45 EST 2012

Brian, I really need to book up on all these features. Since the
Notebook came out, I've been doing a poor job of playing catchup. The
docs are a bit lacking though. Unless I'm missing a load of paperwork,
the documentation has fallen way behind.

I'm just discussing some day job stuff at the moment, but if it'll
leave me enough free time, I think I'll start trying to bring the
users' docs forward a bit. Though that'll probably require some more
bandwidth from you guys.

>> markdown <code> is 15px, <p> is 16px, looks weird.

Matthias, I preferred this to having them the same size. The
monospaced fonts look huge inline. I thought the slightly lower tops
helped. I can change it back though. The main thing is to just
distinguish the inline code from the regular text more, as the font
change alone isn't visually striking enough.

>> other non uniformity in the MD cell with
>> * *italics*
>> * **boldfaced**
>> * `monospaced`
>> * [anchors](http://ipython.org)
>> * lists like this one
>>     * which can be nested
>>         * arbitrarily
>> * a range of headers
>> * horizontal rules
>> some text are 14px; other 15px

Yeah, that's no good. I need to rethink changing font sizes
altogether. Brian's not sure it makes sense to change them. See above.

>> I would add a
>> .text_cell p {
>> • text-align: justify;
>> }
>> header go less far than cell on the right (cf headerAndCell screenshot attached)

I hadn't seen that as an issue, but now you mention it, it'd make
sense if they lined up properly. The screenshot really highlights how
crap it looks at the moment.

>> The 90° corner do not hurt my feelings.

I liked the sharper edges too, at least on the h2 tags, but I'd really
like to conform to Brian's plans for the overall look, so that'll have
to be reconsidered. The h1 tags do look inconsistently sharp. Maybe,
we can find some happy compromise.

>> I once created a notebook with almost everything you can style. for example, you can add
>> <div style='position:relative;top:10px'>
>> <div class='ipython_tooltip' style='position:relative;'>Something inside</div>
>> <div class="pretooltiparrow" style='position:relative;top:-73px'></div>
>> </div>
>> To a md cell and you have a false tooltip.
>> I'll try to find it again or re-do it. It might be of help when testing css.

It be good to see that if you can find it.

I think we're all agreed that being able to use plain Markdown to
create styled content is a winner, but all disagree on exactly how to
implement it. I'll take on board everything that's been said and see
if I can come up with something closer to what everyone wants. We can
work from there tomorrow or something.

Thanks all


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