[IPython-dev] ACE Editor Magic for IPython Notebook

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 11:50:56 EST 2012

> I think by publishing javascript/json you could open a new window that point to another URL and pass it parameter.
> That would be a start .
> I'm don't know how your app works, if it is a different server or not…

It's just a JS editor, so you'd ordinarily implement your own server
and communication, normally using AJAX requests.

I could have IPython start up a second server on the same machine, and
then open a new tab, pointing it to the second server. This would be
easy to do, security aside, but misses the opportunity to work towards
a more elegant, general solution for all Notebook Panel Apps, which is
what I'm currently calling them.

One important thing to consider early on is how to create a panel app
that can share a kernel with the Notebook. Some apps, like a shell,
would need that.


P.S. I drafted an IPEP for this, IPEP 7, updated the wiki and sent a
message on both lists.

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