[IPython-dev] use case - embedding IPython notebook within website (Drupal at least for now)

Dan Lussier dtlussier at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 12:46:01 EST 2012


I am a long time IPython user (thanks!) , but I am new to the IPython

I am interested in embedding IPython notebooks within a larger website
project as a way to (1) statically demonstrate completed
computations/figures, but also allow readers/users to experiment with their
own computations.

In reading about the Notebook - I understand I can generate a static HTML
version of a notebook I develop and I could reskin (
https://gist.github.com/1497850, https://github.com/fperez/blog).  This is
close to what I am looking for, but a few additional points of interest for
me are:

* Ability to  embed the dynamic or state notebook within a larger page that
is not generated by the IPython (iframes ?)

* Security - constrain users to only limited resources on the webserver
(file system, system function calls, total compute resources).  We are
building a public facing website which will have numerous, but not a huge
number of external users.

* Flexibility - Currently we are using Drupal as the web framework for the
project, but this may be subject to change in future iterations of the
projects, so my main interest is in understanding a general approach which
would allow IPython notebooks to be embedded within a page.

If anybody has experience in doing something similar, or has developed a
workflow that facilitates this type of process I would really appreciate
the leg up.  If we end up developing a useful workflow or tool along the
way we are happy to contribute it back to the project/ecosystem.

Many thanks,

Dan Lussier

Dan Lussier, BSc  EIT

Research Engineer

Composites Research Network

University of British Columbia


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