[IPython-dev] IPEP 7: Notebook dependent frontends

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 14:21:24 EST 2012

> Wouldn't it be better to add some kind of "rejected" status to the IPEP,
> similar to regular Python PEPs?  In fact, I find the status part of regular
> PEPs to be the most useful part, because it's otherwise not clear if the PEP
> was already implemented, or being implemented, or still being
> written/discussed, or rejected, or what.

This sounds like a good idea in general, though I do still think this
IPEP is worth considering.

The Notebook currently imposes a number of major limitations that
inhibit development by third parties. There's growing, and already
significant, interest in using the IPython Notebook in ways that
IPython Dev are unlikely to work on directly. I think it's important
to have IPython work well as a library for reuse, and this IPEP at
least opens up exploration of how that can be achieved on one
important front, web clients.

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