[IPython-dev] IPython nosetests extension

Taavi Burns taavi.burns at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 14:49:18 EST 2012


I've gotten the %nose magic Greg Ward and I worked on at the PyCon Canada
sprints to a reasonable point. I'm not yet convinced that it's ready for
integration into IPython (I think I'd like to get IPython to add id
attributes on the cells so I don't have to add them myself with JS), but it
should be good enough for some real-world testing.

It's pip-installable in development mode:
git clone https://github.com/taavi/ipython_nose.git
cd ipython_nose
pip install -e .

I might not bother putting it on PyPI if it's as likely to get included in
the base IPython as Fernando was suggesting. ;)

I'd appreciate any feedback on features and bugs. Feel free to lodge them
in the github tracker. Pull requests are also welcome! Please keep in mind
that the end goal is to integrate it into IPython proper, so some work
might be deferred until then.


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