[IPython-dev] IPython nosetests extension

Brian Granger ellisonbg at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 15:10:44 EST 2012

Hi, this is really exciting and will be a huge improvement for using
the notebook for real work.  I will try to look a bit more at this
over the next week (in the middle of finals right now).  But a few

* Why exactly do you need cell ids?
* We are soon going to completely remove the ability to publish
javascript from Python.  There are two many horrific security
problems.  The replacement abstraction is "javascript plugins" that
are under review here:


There is more work to do on this, but this will give you an idea of
where we are headed.  Please ask questions about the plugins on that



On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 11:49 AM, Taavi Burns <taavi.burns at gmail.com> wrote:
> https://github.com/taavi/ipython_nose
> I've gotten the %nose magic Greg Ward and I worked on at the PyCon Canada
> sprints to a reasonable point. I'm not yet convinced that it's ready for
> integration into IPython (I think I'd like to get IPython to add id
> attributes on the cells so I don't have to add them myself with JS), but it
> should be good enough for some real-world testing.
> It's pip-installable in development mode:
> . YOUR/VIRTUALENV/activate
> git clone https://github.com/taavi/ipython_nose.git
> cd ipython_nose
> pip install -e .
> I might not bother putting it on PyPI if it's as likely to get included in
> the base IPython as Fernando was suggesting. ;)
> I'd appreciate any feedback on features and bugs. Feel free to lodge them in
> the github tracker. Pull requests are also welcome! Please keep in mind that
> the end goal is to integrate it into IPython proper, so some work might be
> deferred until then.
> Thanks!
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