[IPython-dev] Anyone done anything like this before?

Aron Ahmadia aron at ahmadia.net
Tue Oct 2 15:57:06 EDT 2012

I've started down that path and I'm hoping I can select on the pipes

> for STDIN and STDOUT. I'm just wondering how this fits in with ipython's
> event model. Maybe its my lack of knowledge of python but our custom
> shell we already have written uses an io event loop to just listen for
> messages on the two pipes and process and send over them as needed. I
> guess the better way of phrasing the question would be, do I have to
> worry about decoupling an IO loop for the subprocess from the io loop
> for ipython?
Fair enough, this goes deeper into the IPython internals than I'm familiar
with, so you might need to wait for one of the real experts to reply :)

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