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Hi all

I just received this email from Jackson at Python Central, who I do a bit
of blogging for. It's a mail he forwarded to the Python Central authors,
apparently from a publishing company. I just thought I'd pass it on here in
case anyone was interested in what they're doing.

The email seems genuine, in that the domain is registered to Packt
Publishing, and they seem to have works on Safari Books.

Maybe a letter from Fernando could convince them to base their *Python Data
Visualization Cookbook* on IPython Notebook.

I dunno, it's early here ~ I need another cup of tea before I start
thinking about anything ~ just a heads-up really.



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Python book <https://aztechmedia.basecamphq.com/P68055878>
Hi all

I got an email from someone called Shrutika Kalbag from a book publishing
company called Packt Publishing, as follows:

My name is Shrutika Kalbag and I'm an Author Relationship Executive at
Packt Publishing. Packt  is an  IT publishing company that publishes
focused  IT and allied technology books.

*We are planning to publish an  book on Python, titled,  Python Data
Visualization Cookbook and I am looking for potential authors to write this
*This book is about visualizing data with a selection of popular Python

*I came across your website on Python and see you are experienced in this
domain. Your expertise will be valuable to our readers.*

*I look forward to the possibility of working together to publish this book
and make it a success.*
*Do let me know if you are interested in this project and if you have any
queries or doubts.*
If you're interested, contact her here: shrutikak at packtpub.com.

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