[IPython-dev] bug in html notebook in latest version?

Zoltán Vörös zvoros at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 10:01:13 EDT 2012

Hi All,

I have just refreshed ipython from github, and it seems that there is a 
glitch somewhere. When I launch the browser, I see the list of notebooks 
on the dashboard, but when I try to open them, I get something like the 
image below. First, the notebook is supposed to contain much more than 
just setting pylab inline, and second, the title of the notebook is note 
shown anymore. Also curious is the fact that the last line is always 
"Type Markdown...", and by opening various notebooks, I noticed that the 
line that breaks the read-in is "pylab inline".

I have checked the notebooks on the disc, and they are as they were two 
days ago, so nothing appears to have been deleted or modified by the 
kernel, but I suspect that the notebook is not supposed to work in this way.

I am running linux mint 12, 64-bit, and as you can see, the browser is 

I would like to ask, if this is a known issue, or, if this is an issue 
at all, or it is a glitch on my computer. Also, is there something that 
I should/could do to help fixing the problem (if there is any, that is).


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