[IPython-dev] bug in html notebook in latest version?

Zoltán Vörös zvoros at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 10:38:13 EDT 2012

On 10/22/2012 04:39 PM, Matthias BUSSONNIER wrote:
> Le 22 oct. 2012 à 16:27, Aron Ahmadia a écrit :
>> I think the current installer doesn't grab MathJax 2, which is now 
>> needed for the SE functionality.  I'll need to update the installer 
>> but I'm without a proper development laptop right now.
> It should get mathjax 2.
> I had the same problem Yesterday after updating, and deleting Mathjax 
> and using the install_mathjax() command worked.
> -- 
I think

 >>> install_mathjax(remove=True)

should also do the trick. The problem might be, however, that being 
invoked from the python interpreter, the function above might not deploy 
mathjax in the directory where it should.

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