[IPython-dev] bug in html notebook in latest version?

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 12:39:05 EDT 2012

> I hate to say this, b/c I'm not the one writing much JS code and I
> don't want to sound like a grouch, but I'd like to ask everyone
> working on JS to tackle the testing problem as a very high priority
> question and to consider a moratorium on major new work until we sort
> it out.  For years the old IPython codebase started without tests, and
> that started to slowly paralize and kill the project.  Eventually we
> bit the bullet and developed a  testing machinery that, while ugly at
> the beginning, got us moving.  And over time, that machinery has
> gradually gotten better and better, and today on the core code we
> actually do have decent testing (not perfect, but not terrible
> either).
> I am growing increasingly worried about more and more JS code without
> tests and I fear we're going in the same direction here.
> I am NOT trying to slow down development or boss anyone around, but we
> really need to take this problem seriously, or the whole project will
> suffer.
> Thoughts?

I think our current JS architecture is not designed for good testing. 
I'll will try to come up with an IPEP, but for the basic, we should:

make use of `require` and have a more MVC approach.
-> it will allow to have model testing on server-side with node for example. 

A fist step would be a phantom/casper js that load demo notebook, run all, save.
Compare saved versions. 

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