[IPython-dev] internationalisation and translation of ipython

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Mon Sep 3 12:25:29 EDT 2012

Hi everybody!

Am Dienstag, 14. August 2012, 11:38:14 schrieb Thomas Kluyver:
> I've seen how gettext works from within the code, and I agree that it does
> seem simple. Can I ask about logistics:

One thing I learned from KDE (which BTW has put a lot of thought and effort 
into a good l10n infrastructure, too) is this:

  Short strings should *not* be just wrapped in _(...)!

To be more specific, there are many English words that should be translated 
into different words depending on the *context*.  For example, English 'to' 
translates to different words in German when used in "pick 1 to 4 items", "10 
to 11 o'clock", or "drive to Buffalo".  There are much more difficult problems 
than this, but this one arises most often, e.g. in user interfaces, in which 
labels for dialog fields contain just 'to'.

I brought this up because the consequence is that every developer needs to 
know at least a little bit about the translation system, or someone (e.g. 
Nicolas) has to dive into the code everytime the translators have a problem.

Best regards,

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