[IPython-dev] internationalisation and translation of ipython

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas at pettiaux.be
Mon Sep 3 12:39:11 EDT 2012


I have not had the time to answer Thomas (whom I was really happy to
meet at EuroScipy in Brussels), exactely because of the work around
EuroScipy and my main work thereafter.

I expect to be too busy before November 1 to do anything really
constructive, appart from reading and researching about the best
infrastructure to propose and, as Hans writes, also gather
recommandations and good practices from running projects that are
translated. And indeed, such subleties exists ... ans I am ready to
dive into the code for the sake of expansion of the use of ipython by
beginners. The point though is that I master English and French, I
speak rather fluently Dutch but I am not an expert and that is it.

Best regards,


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