[IPython-dev] internationalisation and translation of ipython

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas at pettiaux.be
Mon Sep 3 16:52:32 EDT 2012

2012/9/3 Thomas Kluyver <takowl at gmail.com>:
> On 3 September 2012 18:08, Nicolas Pettiaux <nicolas at pettiaux.be> wrote:
>> This is exactely what I hope. And there exist many different
>> infrastructure today,
>> http://transifex.com
>> http://weblate.org
>> http://translatewiki.net
>> http://pootle.python.org/
> I think that's the relatively easy bit - any of those services, along
> with various desktop applications, will let people translate messages
> using a standard file format.

indeed. But a good infrastructure will help a lot the translators community.

> What I'm less sure of is how we should
> integrate the translation files into our development workflow and our
> distribution methods. For example:

> - If I change a string in development, do I need to remember to update
> message catalogues?

no. Gettext tools will do that. Keep develop using _() for the strings.

> - Should translators be working on the development version, or the
> stable release?

mostly the stable release as far as I know. The gettext tool set helps
to follow the variation, and will only ask to translate the string
that have changed.

> - Should the IPython package you download include translation files,
> or should they be separately downloadable?

I think the package have to include the translations, at least if they
are not big (which will be the case at the beginning).
> - What will distro packagers expect from us?

I think they will expect what they get today and the translated files
(= some more text documents)



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