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Ben Edwards bedwards at cs.unm.edu
Thu Sep 6 18:50:20 EDT 2012

Sorry if this is posted twice, sent it from the wrong email...

For the last week or so I've been working on Mathematica and MATLAB
extensions for the IPython notebook. I've been shamelessly copying and
modifying code from the octave extension. The Mathematica one is in pretty
good working order, you can check it out at (and test it please!):


I know there doesn't need to be an extension for everything under the sun,
but this seems like it might be useful to include. Unless there is some
reason to not include extensions to non-free software, which is probably
reasonable. Could this possibly be included in IPython, or should it stay
an external extension? If it is to stay external I'll perhaps announce it
on the user list.

Ben Edwards
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