[IPython-dev] IPEP 3: Multiuser support in the notebook

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 04:19:44 EDT 2012

Le 8 sept. 2012 à 00:50, Jason Grout a écrit :

> On 9/7/12 2:47 PM, Brian Granger wrote:
>> OK I just changed a setting and you should be able to edit the wiki.
> Thanks.  It worked.
> Regarding: "When a user clicks "live share" they will get a private and 
> secure URL they can share with other users. These other users can then 
> edit the notebook and run code on the kernel in a Google Docs like manner."
> Are you saying that the two of us will be interacting with one running 
> kernel?  Or are you saying that we both have different kernels and the 
> outputs are somehow pushed back and forth between our representations? 
> The former seems more likely, but I was just checking.  In Sage we have 
> the latter (IIRC), and sometimes it gets really confusing.

Here is a demo of the former: 
(really rough draft)
1 kernel.

If people want to run in different kernel, they clone and merge afterward the ipynb in git. 
see PR #2342 for how we could diff notebooks. 

> Thanks,
> Jason
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