[IPython-dev] oinspect overrideable?

Jason Grout jason-sage at creativetrax.com
Sat Sep 8 20:58:02 EDT 2012

Sage overrides IPython's inspect modules in order to support Sage's 
(admittedly weird) directory structure (a throwback to early Cython 
days, IIRC).  Anyways, in Sage's current pass to use the new IPython, I 
see this comment:

         # Ideally, these would just be methods of the Inspector class
         # that we could override; however, IPython looks them up in
         # the global :class:`IPython.core.oinspect` module namespace.
         # Thus, we have to monkey-patch.
         import sagedoc, sageinspect, IPython.core.oinspect
         IPython.core.oinspect.getdoc = sageinspect.sage_getdoc 
         IPython.core.oinspect.getsource = sagedoc.my_getsource
         IPython.core.oinspect.getargspec = sageinspect.sage_getargspec

I searched for each of these functions, and it does seem that they are 
being imported and used directly.  Would it be easy to convert those 
calls to calls on a current inspector object so that these functions 
would be easy to override?



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