[IPython-dev] API documentation

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 16:53:42 EDT 2012

Fernando mentioned a couple of weeks ago the possibility of doing away
with our completely auto-generated API docs. I think having a degree
of manual control would be better for people who refer to the
documentation - as it can be clearer and better laid out - and for us,
in that it makes us think about what functions, methods and classes
comprise the public API.

I've made a start on that in this pull request:


It will be a fairly big job, so I wanted to discuss it before I spend
more time on it. I've used the auto-generated docs as a starting
point, and edited the rst. I've cut out a few helper classes and
functions, but if a class is included, all its methods are included
for now (except those marked _private).

Do you think it's worth replacing the auto-generated docs? If so, do
you think this is the right approach?


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