[IPython-dev] Anyone encountering scrolling/"jumpy" issues in the notebook?

Dmitry Chichkov dchichkov at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 18:42:06 EDT 2012


I'm consistently encountering a problem that a notebook (dev .13) is very
'jumpy'.  That is, after I'm executing some cell and then returning the
focus to that cell teh notebook scrolls to the start of the cell.

Can be reproduced in the following way:
 1. add like 100 empty lines to a code cell (so it wouldn't fit into the
 2. add "print" statement;
 3. run it with ctrl-enter;
 4. select this print statement with a mouse;

As a result the notebook will scroll to the beginning of the code cell.
And _selected_ print statement would _completely_ disappear  from view.
Could anyone reproduce that? Or is it just me?

If yes, well, as a rule anything selected should never dissapear from view.
And in general it is a bad idea to scroll, unless user explicitly scrolls...

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