[IPython-dev] Scipy central & IPython notebook.

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 17:39:04 EDT 2012

An idea I've had knocking around for a while is to integrate the
IPython notebook format, and the nbconvert code, with scipy-central.
As I envisage it, users could upload a notebook, and the server would
automatically generate static HTML and .py formats from it. Visitors
would see the HTML view with links to download as .ipynb or .py. One
of the first examples I clicked on [1] includes code, descriptive
text, equations, and a plot - pretty much a text book example of what
the notebook does well.

I've included here Kevin Dunn, the owner of the scipy-central codebase
on Github. Kevin, does this idea sound interesting? I appreciate that
you might not have the time to work on it (it looks like the
scipy-central repository is a bit dead), but if someone were keen to
tackle it, would you have time to guide them around the architecture
of scipy-central, and would you be willing to merge and deploy that
feature when it was complete?

[1] http://scipy-central.org/item/12/3/integrating-an-initial-value-problem-single-ode


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