[IPython-dev] [IPython-User] The site needs an update... Web team, anyone?

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 06:18:44 EDT 2012

Thanks Brian for taking the time to explain. I agree with what you're
saying, pretty much entirely; I can see much more clearly now what
kind of mess you're trying to avoid.

Just for the record, I will *never* commercialise the NotebookCloud
service, nor use of the AMI. These are free to all, in every sense of
free. There's no issue there. However, I was considering was the
creation of a library of notebooks, and would be looking to have these
sponsored, so a fully commercial interest would essentially pay to
have their logo at the top right of each notebook. These sponsored
notebooks would be tied to nbcloud; they would always assume the user
was on an nbcloud instance. I'd be using revenue from sponsorship to
finance things like bounties for stuff I need help with on the web app
and AMI side of things. It would all be one, single project, with

This is all something I've strongly considered doing, so I would want
to keep commercial options open for the project in general. Again, the
nbcloud service is to remain free forever, I'm staunch on that, but
the library of notebooks that build off of it would likely be
commercialised. The closeness of the notebook library to the web
service would make it tricky at my end to separate things completely,
which would make it tricky for you guys to accommodate nbcloud as a
part of IPython.

If IPython want to adopt nbcloud completely, I'd be very happy to see
that happen, on the terms you've set out above, but it would make *me*
less able to commit to it.

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