[IPython-dev] Hotkeys notebook cell editing

Juergen Hasch python at elbonia.de
Sat Sep 29 14:39:39 EDT 2012

when working with the HMTL notebook, I noticed that is is hard to 
quickly navigate when editing a cell, as Page up/down Pos1 and End keys 
only work inside the current cell. Jumping between cells requires the 
mouse. I find this especially annoying, because outside of code cells 
(no cell selected or a markdown cell), the keys work as is usual in the 

Am I missing something or how do you navigate when working with notebooks ?

I changed codecell.js and notebook.js and put them in my local 
profile/static/js directoy. Now Page up/down moves me one cell up or 
down and Ctrl+Pos1/End jumps to top/bottom, which I find quite pleasant 
to work with.


My changes can be found here:

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