[IPython-dev] Marking PRs as [ not for 1.0 ]

Paul Ivanov pi at berkeley.edu
Sun Aug 4 03:29:39 EDT 2013

Hey gang,

I just went through and edited a bunch of open PRs so that the ones that
aren't going into 1.0 are marked as such, with a "[ not for 1.0 ]" at
the very beginning of the PR description.

Since with the current GitHub interface we can't filter PRs, this at
least makes it easier to see what needs to be acted upon for 1.0 in this
view, since the first line of a PR is displayed there:

I had to "break" the TODO-style checkboxes by just triple quoting those
section, since they cause the PR summary to just read "(X of Y tasks

The ones I wasn't sure about:

#3570 Handle raw html tags in markdown (nbconvert -> latex)

#3631 xkcd mode for the IPython notebook

                  / \
                A*   \^   -
             ,./   _.`\\ / \
            / ,--.S    \/   \
           /  `"~,_     \    \
     __o           ?
   _ \<,_         /:\
--(_)/-(_)----.../ | \
Paul Ivanov

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