[IPython-dev] New video of IPython notebook

Juan Luis Cano juanlu001 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 4 06:13:21 EDT 2013

Hello everyone,

First of all, congratulations to the team for all the hard work put in 
this 1.0 release: we're all very excited about it and I'm sure it's 
going to be the beginning of a big story. Keep rocking! :)

I am the author of the video demo that Fernando gently featured on the 
IPython notebook page[1] (thanks F!), which apparently has received 
quite a few views (~15000 in a bit more than 5 months). I was thinking 
of recording a new one with the 1.0 version (I'm already triying it and 
works like a charm so far), so I would like to ask the team if there are 
any interesting features worth including or changes that should be made. 
For example, digging into the docs I just saw that a new %matplotlib 
magic was included, which IIUC is the preferred method to produce inline 
figures (instead of the %pylab mode).

[1]: http://ipython.org/notebook

Because of some time constraints I won't be able to have it by the time 
you make the release but anyway I would like to hear some feedback from 
the community :) Otherwise I will make a new video with a similar 
structure, in full English, maybe briefly show nbconvert and little 
more. And probably keep in shorter than 5 minutes and with some chiptune 
background music ;)

Best regards,

Juan Luis Cano

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