[IPython-dev] xkcd plots on Matplotlib gallery ??

Nitin Borwankar nborwankar at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 13:54:32 EDT 2013

I was about to show some enterprise folks at an F100 company how IPy NB is
awesome for data science visualization - I went to matplotlib gallery and
saw to my horror that *all* gallery examples have been replaced with xkcd
plot styling.

Or... was the site hacked?   That was another thought.

This makes it pretty much impossible to show to exactly those
constituencies that will make IPy NB massively mainstream dues to its agile
visualization power in data science. Well its possible to show it - but
there goes the chance of being taken seriously as it is quite cartoonish.
 I enjoy it but does it have to be the default styling - it really detracts
from the clean visualization that matplotlib brings.

On the other hand, if it was hacked - apologies and sympathies.


Nitin Borwankar
nborwankar at gmail.com
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