[IPython-dev] xkcd plots on Matplotlib gallery ??

Andrew Reid andrew.reid at nist.gov
Wed Aug 7 14:01:49 EDT 2013

On Wed, Aug 07, 2013 at 10:54:32AM -0700, Nitin Borwankar wrote:
> I was about to show some enterprise folks at an F100 company how IPy NB is
> awesome for data science visualization - I went to matplotlib gallery and saw
> to my horror that *all* gallery examples have been replaced with xkcd plot
> styling.
> Or... was the site hacked?   That was another thought.

  It seems to be working normally for me --

  There's an "xkcd" sub-directory, 
where all the internal links go to xkcd-ified images, so it's 
perhaps non-obvious how to get out of it.  

  The normal site, at http://matplotlib.org/examples/index.html, 
seems to be working OK for me right now.

  Maybe you just bookmarked the wrong one?  

					-- A.
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