[IPython-dev] Playing with cells in the notebook... and some problems.

Damián Avila damianavila at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 13:19:30 EDT 2013

El 08/08/13 06:17, Gabriel Becker escribió:
> Damian,
> I happen to be familiar with this issue for reasons that dovetail with 
> your desired usecase (though they aren't identical). More on that near 
> the end of this email.
> The issue you're running into is that the javascript in the IPython 
> notebook assumes that all cells are direct children of the container 
> element representing the entire notebook.
> You can see the assumption here (from 
> IPython/html/static/notebook/notebook.js)
> /**
> * Get all cell elements in the notebook.
> *
> * @method get_cell_elements
> * @return {jQuery} A selector of all cell elements
> */
> Notebook.prototype.get_cell_elements = function () {
> return this.container.children("div.cell");
> };
> Note the use of the children() method. That is what is killing you. 
> All of the indexing, etc in notebook.js is based off of what is 
> returned from get_cell_elements.
> Matthias is of course correct that the cell still exists, and all the 
> cell-level machinery will still work (thus ccell.execute() working fine).
> The issue is that NONE of the notebook-level machinery is going to 
> work. This means many of the things you probably think of as core 
> behaviors of the notebook (selecting the next cell when a cell is 
> executed, deleting or moving cells, running the entire notebook from 
> start to finish, the notebook understanding that that cell is 
> selected, etc) will fail with respect to that particular cell, because 
> as far as the notebook-level js is concerned, the cell /isn't in the 
> notebook at all/.
> I have a research-stage fork of ipython at 
> https://github.com/gmbecker/ipython which allows cells to be contained 
> within other cells. This required me to change the indexing strategy, 
> which is why I'm familiar with this bit of the codebase.
> Nested cells would remove the need for the extra container div, 
> because the grouping would be happening within the cells themselves. 
> You would assumedly be able to just attach the css/js slide machinery 
> to the parent grouping cells themselves.
> There was a very lengthy discussion about the concept of these nesting 
> type cells, their benefits and their drawbacks, and whether they 
> should be pursued here 
> <http://python.6.x6.nabble.com/Some-new-cell-types-for-describing-data-analyses-in-IPy-Notebook-td5023238.html>. 
> The long and short (AFAIK) of it is that the IPython core team is not 
> yet convinced that the idea is mature enough to pursue. Furthermore, 
> the fact that it requires modification of a core assumption of the 
> notebook machinery makes such pursuit unlikely in at least the short 
> and medium terms, if ever.
> The team is, of course, also very busy doing all sorts of other 
> awesome stuff as detailed on their roadmap.
> Anyway, all that doesn't really help you now. Here is something that 
> might:
> If custom js/extensions are able to clobber core machinery on the 
> IPython object then replacing 
> IPython.Notebook.prototype.get_cell_elements with
> /**
> ** Version of get_cell_elements that will see cell divs at any depth 
> in the HTML tree, allowing container divs, etc to be used without 
> breaking notebook machinery.
> ** You'll need to make sure the cells are getting detected in the 
> right order, but I think they will
> **/
> Notebook.prototype.get_cell_elements = function () {
> return this.container.*find*("div.cell");
> };
> Will get your cell noticed again. Or, if extensions get loaded after 
> the notebook object exists, you might have to modify the actual 
> notebook instead of its prototype. That is stored in IPython.notebook 
> if I'm not mistaken.
> Figuring out how to get the notebook to store (in ipynb form), 
> remember, and restore the fact that you grouped your cells into slides 
> is possible in principle using the metadata facilities already in 
> place. Because the metadata is at the individual cell level, however, 
> prepare for some "fun" hackrobatics implementing the ability to track 
> the groupings in a non-fragile way (e.g. able to handle regrouping or 
> inserting new slides).
> If the core machinery is protected from modification by js in the 
> extensions somehow I think it would take a /lot/ of wheel reinvention 
> on your part or intervention from the core devs to get the 
> functionality you want.
> HTH.
> ~G
> ... Someday I will write a message to this list that isn't a novel. 
> But not today.
> On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 11:53 PM, Damián Avila <damianavila at gmail.com 
> <mailto:damianavila at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     El 08/08/13 03:26, Matthias BUSSONNIER escribió:
>>     Le 8 août 2013 à 08:01, Damián Avila a écrit :
>>>     In this way, I get the a copy of the cell but it is not
>>>     executable...
>>     Yes it is, Shift-Enter is just not bound to it.
>>     Shift-Enter is handled by IPython.notebook and is bound to
>>     execute selected cell
>>     As notebook object does nt know of your cell, you are just
>>     sending the execute request to the wrong cell.
>>     adding this :
>>     window.ccell = cell;
>>     and then ccell.execute() in JSconsole works.
>>     -- 
>>     M
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>     Thanks! I will test it tomorrow... going to bed now... thanks!
>     One step closer to "live" reveal ;-)
>     Cheers.
>     Damián.
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Gabriel, thank for your tip... It was very very helpful... Now, I can 
run the cells wrapped inside new divs...
OK, time to deal with metadata and grouping of the cells...
Seriously, you help and the detail description is very appreciated...
BTW, I will probably go deeper in your fork to take some ideas...



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