[IPython-dev] Python and Javascript

Cyrille Rossant cyrille.rossant at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 05:50:21 EDT 2013


I'm involved in the development of a new OpenGL-based visualization
library in Python (https://github.com/vispy/vispy). We consider adding
a web backend in the future, and possibly integrating it within the
IPython notebook.

I was wondering if you had planned, as part of the development of
IPython 2.0, to design a kind of "standardized" way to let Python and
Javascript communicate (protocol messaging? API? etc.). In other
words, how much IPython-specific will your protocols and interfaces

I imagine it would be great to let non IPython-related projects
develop Python-Javascript interfaces that are fully compatible with
IPython. It would make it very easy to integrate these projects in the
IPython notebook, and it would prevent every project from reinventing
the wheel every time.


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