[IPython-dev] ipcluster (LSF) timing (check if all engines are running)

Florian M. Wagner wagnerfl at student.ethz.ch
Mon Aug 19 09:34:48 EDT 2013

Hey all,

I am using IPython.parallel on a large cluster, where controller and 
engines are launched via LSF. My current workflow is as follows:

    python pre_processing.py
    ipcluster start --profile=cluster --n=128 > ipcluster.log 2>&1
    sleep 120
    python main_computation.py
    python post_processing.py

I am not entirely happy with this, since the 2 minutes are not always 
enough depending on the load of the cluster. I believe that there is a 
much more elegant way to launch the cluster and check if all the eninges 
are running, before proceeding with the main computation. I would highly 
appreciate any help.

Best regards

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