[IPython-dev] IPython user survey 2 - picking questions

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 20:50:38 EDT 2013

It's nearly two years since we started the first IPython user survey (
http://ipython.org/usersurvey2011.html ), and now that 1.0 is out, I'd like
to repeat it, and also ask a few questions that we didn't ask the first
time round.

So far the questions that I've got are:
- What country do you live in?
- Which version of IPython do you use? (multiple choice)
- Which IPython components do you use? (multiple choice)
- On what platforms do you use IPython? (multiple choice)
- On which versions of Python do you use IPython? (multiple choice)
- Do you use any projects that integrate or extend IPython?
- How did you install IPython? (multiple choice)
- In what role do you use IPython? (academia/industry/education/hobby)
- Briefly describe the main projects for which you use IPython:
- How would you like to see IPython improved?

I'm keen to keep it short so that many people are willing to complete it,
but we can add a few more questions if there's something we'd particularly
like to know about our users. Any suggestions?

I plan to launch the survey some time next week.

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